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"The only impossible journey is the one you never begin."

- Tony Robbins

We are people of action, inspired by our own ability to create powerful content and rich visuals. Together we collaborate to grab the shirt of our audience and pull them into our embrace.


Rebekah Diaz

Visionista | Art Director


Geno Malusek

Photographer | Production

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Brandon Cruz

Videographer | Editing

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Jeromy Moore

Storyteller | Writer

Rebekah is a talented Art Director with deep experience coordinating and developing editorial, digital, and commercial projects. She has so far worked in corporate, health, and non profit branding. Managing the creative process, from concept to final output. She uses photography, video, and graphic design to instill her work with novel concepts, sharp details, and professional collaborators.

Having Geno on set is a massive benefit to any production. With over 25 years as a professional photographer He knows what he’s doing, works hard, with a gigantic and contagious smile, and has the ability to take the edge off any difficult situation. Sincerely conveying that most important of collaborative qualities, humility, he has helped deliver some critical images under pressure.

Entrepreneurial, and masterfully creative, Brandon has built a portfolio of video content that captivate clients with perfect angles, shots, music and imagery. He specializes in creating luxury footage and capturing the most innovative videography stylings. Most often you'll find him exploring the wild and capturing breathtaking footage for his personal brand Wyld Productions. 

Jeromy left a lifetime career in construction to become a writer and storyteller. Starting very much on his own, he quickly earned the encouragement of his community, including Rebekah Diaz who understood his raw talent for captivating an audience. Growing up a child actor, Jeromy's comfort in front of the camera makes him the perfect narrator, audio voice over and talent for our projects.

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Action Ventures Agency is comprised of many outsourced partners and celebrates

15 years of professional design, production, and creative experience.

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